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CarboSchools Experiments:


A collection of experiments tested in CarboSchools courses

Experiment Descriptions:

Ein Tank zur Modellierung der Thermohalinen Zirkulation (not translated yet)

Interactions at the Air-Water Interface:
  • Download: Part 1 (pdf, 716 KB)
  • Download: Part 2 (pdf, 392 KB)

Download: Uptake of Carbon Dioxide from Water by Plants (pdf, 224 KB)

Download: Carbon Dioxide Fertilization of Marine Microalgae (Dunalliela sp.) Cultures (pdf, 280 KB)

Download: How does temperature affect the solubility of CO2 in the water? (pdf, 108 KB)

Download: Effects of Increased CO2 in the Air on Seawater and Distilled Water (pdf, 76 KB)

Download: Measuring Carbon Dioxide in the Classroom (pdf, 180 KB)

Das andere CO2-Problem - Ozeanversauerung: 8 Experimente für Schüler und Lehrer (Download pdf in German, 2 MB, in cooperation with Project Bioacid)

Worksheets (in German):

To complement the experiment descriptions above, Dr. Ulf Schweckendiek (SINUS-Programm, Schleswig-Holstein) developed worksheets for pupils (Word-Docs, 1,3 MB each):

"Was ändert den CO2-Gehalt der Luft?"Logo SINUS
(experiments with a CO2-sensor in the class room)

"Wie kann der Ozean CO2 aufnehmen?"
(acidification of surface waters by CO2-input)

"Wie kann CO2 von der Oberfläche abtransportiert werden?"
(experiment on convection in the physical pump)

"Kaltes oder warmes Wasser - die ideale CO2-Aufnahme"
(experiments with effervescent tablets)

"Wie können Wasserpflanzen CO2 aufnehmen?"
(experiments with the plant Cabomba)

"Kleinste Wasserpflanzen als Klimaretter?"
(phytoplankton at work)

These materials and the corresponding measurement instruments are part of SINUS aktivBOX "CO2 im Ozean".

Measurement Protocols:

Protocols for download for CO2-measurements with the hand-held CO2-Meter IAQ-Calc 7535 (in German):
laboratory protocol (pdf, OpenOffice Calc, Excel), field protocol (pdf, OpenOffice Calc, Excel)

last change: 29-Aug-12