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References to materials and web pages that are particularly useful for the Kiel CarboSchools courses.


International CarboSchools Page

CarboSchools Materials for Teaching

SchoolCO2web: CO2 measurements from the different CarboSchools

CarboSchools booklet: "What we know, what we do not know and how we try to better understand global change." Low resolution (2.4 MB), high resolution (34 MB).

Second CarboSchools booklet: "What we have learned, what we still don't know and what we must do to combat climate change". Low resolution (2.3 MB), high resolution (42 MB).

Third CarboSchools booklet: "Global Change: from research to the classroom". Low resolution (6 MB), high resolution (32 MB).

"Ocean acidification, the other CO2 problem: how far will life resist?" (joint EPOCA/CarboSchools production). Low resolution (2.4 MB), high resolution (8.2 MB).

"Kongsfjord 2010 : Exploring the future of the Arctic ocean
" (joint EPOCA/CarboSchools production). Low resolution (2.8 MB), high resolution (16 MB).


IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007

Links to CO2-Calculators

Materials of the Project course "CO2 in the Ocean: Natural Processes and Human-induced Changes"

Materials of the course on Iron Fertilization (in German)

Materials on Ocean Acidification by the EPOCA Project

BMU Educational Materials: Climate Protection and Climate Politics

Brochure "Climate Change - Insights, Hindsight and Foresight" by W. Endlicher and F.-W. Gerstengarbe (Ed.) at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (in German)

Topic "Climate Change and Climatic Consequences" at Hamburger Bildungsserver (in German)

Topic "Climate protection & adaptation to climate change" at (in German)

Brochure "Global Climate Change - Climate Change and Greenhouse Effect" at (in German)

Brochure "Climate change turns up the heat - what scientists predict for Germany", GEOMAX  Nr. 15, Max-Planck-Society (in German)


Climate Protection Initiative "Klimaschutz in Schulen und Bildungseinrichtungen" (BMU)

klima on s’cooltour

Books / School Books:

List of Materials in School Books (in German)



older Links:

Poster competition on the topic of "Climate Change" at

School competition "ENDLICH WARM!" at Zukunftssschule.SH

Klima & Co 2009 - school competition by German bp

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