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CarboSchools Projects:

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In the school years of 2008/09 and 09/10 several NaT-Working courses put an emphasis on CarboSchools topics:

Enrichment-Course, Sally Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR:
Methods of Ocean Research – how do scientists explore the ocean?
various schools, Oct. 2010 to May 2011, grades 6 a. 7.

After-School-Course "Marine Science" with Götz von Arend, Gymnasium Wellingdorf, Sally Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR,
school year 2010/11, grades 5-6.

Philip Rustmann with Dorothea von Riegen, Max-Planck Schule Kiel, Matthias Haeckel, IFM-GEOMAR:
CO2-Deposition in Marine Sediments.
Special Learning Achievement, Nov. 2009 - Mar. 2011, grade 12/13.

Ayje Nürnberg, Gizem Gül-Simsek a. Robin Dengg with Sabine Temming, Gymnasium Wellingdorf, Sally Dengg a. Tebke Böschen, IFM-GEOMAR:
Tracking the Mussel.
Project group, grade 9 a. 10, Sep. 2009 - Oct. 2010.

Annika Sabrowski a. Patrick Silva, Gymnasium Wellingdorf, Sally Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR:
Continuation of CO2-Projects.
Project study, since Apr.-Jul. 2010, grade 6.

After-School-Course "Marine Science", Gymnasium Wellingdorf, with Sally Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR,
Sept. 2008 to July 2010, grades 5 to 7.

Jan Repenning, Lasse Steinbach a. Jonas Meereis with Frank Bünning, Max-Planck-Schule Kiel, Sally Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR:
SchoolCO2web and GLOBE Meteorology.
Project study, Dec. 2008 - Jun. 2009, grades 11 a. 9.

Enrichment-Course, Gymnasium Wellingdorf and IFM-GEOMAR:
Invisible Dangers for the Ocean
various schools, Oct. 2009 to May 2010, grades 6 a. 7.

Annika Sabrowski a. Patrick Silva with Normen Koch, Gymnasium Wellingdorf, Sally Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR:
CO2-Content of Air in the Classroom.
Project study, Feb. 2009 to March 2010, grades 5 a. 6.

Contribution to teacher training on board RC Littorina.
13. October 2009

Saman Stölting, Max-Planck-Schule Kiel, Frank Melzner a. Jörn Thomsen, IFM-GEOMAR:
Variability of CO2 and pH in Kiel Fjord (working title).
Practical, Oct. 2009, grade 10. Klasse.

Visit of Teachers from Greve Gymnasium, DK
Mini-Symposium as part of the CarboSchools cooperation
18. September 2009

Niklas Heinen, Mattes Michelson a. Daniel Rusch, with Bernd Blume, Isarnhoschule Gettorf, various scientists, IFM-GEOMAR:
Participation in Mesocosm Science Camp in Boknis Eck.
May/June 2009, Profilkurs grade 11.

Project course "CO2 in the Ocean: Natural Processes and Human-induced Changes" with Sabine Temming, Gymnasium Wellingdorf, var. researchers, IFM-GEOMAR,
Sept. 2008 to May 2009, grade 13.

Steffen Koch, Städt. Gymnasium Bad Segeberg, with Joachim Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR:
First Analyses of SchoolCO2web Data.
Vocational practical , Jan. 2009, grade 12.

Teacher training with CO2 instruments at Symposium NaT-Working Marine Research,
November 28 and 29, 2008 at IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel.

canceled due to lack of participants: Enrichment course "From the Greenhouse into the Ocean! - Where to with CO2?", various schools, Nov. 2008 to May 2009, grades 9 and 10.

Jakob Rösch, Graduate 2008, Städt. Gymnasium Bad Segeberg, with Joachim Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR:
Preparation of Materials for Use in the CarboSchools Project.
Practical, Sep. 2008.

Jantje Weber, biology, higher level course, grade 12, Gymn. Altenholz, Marius Müller, IFM-GEOMAR:
When the sea turns sour, sour is not funny.
Interview in science-journalism, June 2008
(pdf-file for download, 860 kB, in German)

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