"Around the Arctic": A travel and quiz board game for the International Polar Year


Game Board
The game board of Around the Arctic

Similar to the Spiel ums Meer, this board game was developed for people from eight to eighty years and can be played by up to six players and a “game master”.

The travel route follows the history of discovery of the Arctic and the pathways of explorers and whalers ... even until today.
(A glossary - available in German – is still in the process of being translated into English.)

The following have contributed to the development of this game:

    Project course 2006/2007
                          and 2007/2008, 13th grade,
                          Städt. Gymnasium Bad Segeberg,  Mrs. Queisser

     Scientific consultancy
                                 Prof. Dr. Dieter Piepenburg, IPOE Kiel
                                        Dr. Robert Spielhagen, IFM-GEOMAR Kiel

    Enrichment course “Water - some unique stuff”, 2006/2007
    and: Grade 11a, Städt. Gymnasium Bad Segeberg,
        with part of the translation.

The game material is available for download and comprises a game board, instructions, a list of events and the quiz questions. In addition, game markers and a die are required.

The „Schools on Board“ project was the first international platform where the game was tested. The game may be reproduced and distributed free of charge in unmodified form for non-commercial purposes. The copyright remains with the author. Suggestions for modifications and improvements are welcome:


download game material (10.7 MB)

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