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Using the specific example of marine sciences, the school cooperations of GEOMAR in the framework of "NaT-Working Meeresforschung" ("Marine Research") attempt to convey the fascination of natural sciences to students from secondary schools. Supplementary to work in the classroom, opportunities are provided for practical studies on current research issues in direct contact with researchers. The students obtain hands-on experience with and insights into scientific methods, which facilitates a possible decision for natural sciences when enrolling at university.
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Practical Implementation:

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Together with school teachers and marine scientists, the students work individually or in groups. The projects range from short- (days) to long-term (months) and are conducted within the schools as well as at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research. Wherever possible, the projects are designed to be interdisciplinary, linked to actual research and integrated into the school curriculum. Results are presented in protocols or oral presentations, and the students usually receive grades for their work by their teachers.

The research projects are supplemented by exhibitions such as at the "GEOMAR Open Day", teacher training seminars, summer schools and excursions to the Baltic Sea. The projects are presented to the public in exhibitions, symposia, on this website and as posters and exhibits at the schools.



The project was initiated in the framework of the NaT-Working Program by Robert Bosch Foundation in 2003 and funded until 2008. Through its participation in the Collaborative Research Centres 574 and 754 it is now supported by the German Research Foundation. Scientists of GEOMAR Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Christian- Albrechts- University in Kiel contribute their competence in the biological, chemical, physical, meteorological and geological aspects of oceanography. Together with the teachers of the participating schools, this competence-network provides the necessary background knowledge for the complex topics in geosciences and ecology.
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